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Heh – got called out on B4-U-EAT

Posted by beer_chris on 29-December-2008

So, not sure if this means something or not, but I got a kick out of it. I was browsing my old comments on a few weeks ago, and noticed that I had been ‘called out’ for a pretty negative review I posted for a new tapas place out here in the bay area.

I try really hard to be factual in these postings, especially in cases like this where it was my first visit. In this case, though, the ‘calling out’ seems pretty petty – like seems to happen sometimes with these reviews.

Snip of my review:


Agree with majority of other negative reviews. Tapas were a bit pricey at avg $7. Ordered a number of cold seafood dishes, and was disappointed in each of them. Octopus not at all fresh. Sardine dish was not what was described on the menu – complained, and got another sardine dish but not the one on the menu (lacked anchovies). Empanada dish was described as empanaditas – which means small empanadaS (plural). Came out as one large empanada, and was swimming in a spicy sauce that wasn’t described on the menu. This sauce made the empanada soggy and was too spicy for my wife. A replacement order (pork skewers) came out with more of the spicy sauce – again not described on the menu. Had same reaction with morcilla as previous reviewer – was kind of exicited to see if it actually was a blood sausage – only to find out it was just simple chorizo.

Bartender a little rough around the edges – good service to us at the bar, but witnessed some decisions on serving old (sour) drink mix by adding some pineapple juice to it. If you go and order liquor/wine, be sure and sit at the bar to make sure you get what you ordered!


The ‘callout’:

<SNIP> (Emphasis added)

What a treat! A friend and neighbor told me about this restaurant and we are all very pleased after dining there. The quality and variety of tapas is very good. I have to agree with the reviewer who stated that for South Shore residents we FINALLY have an alternative to seafood and mexican restaurants. I have lived in the SS area for 10 years and this restaurant is great. For an area with higher end homes, we certainly have a dearth of nice dining establishments. No more trips to Houston on the w/e in order to have a good tapas experience. 

The environment and menu is more adult friendly. Sauces are described on the menu or one could certainly be proactive and ask the waiter if one is not familiar with whether the sauce is hot or not. Personally, I enjoy an environment that is more adult focused as I truly do not want to spend my dinner hour listening to screaming kids (love kids but not the parents who aren’t courtesy enough to remove the child and thus not disrupt other diners.) I highly recommend this restaurant and hope you enjoy your experience.


Tee Hee!


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