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Behold, the power of cheese!

Posted by beer_chris on 7-January-2009

OK, so a couple of reactions to the cheese pie:

  1. WA-A-A-AY better at room temperature, or maybe even slightly warmed. Right out of the fridge the little chunks of cheese come loose when you’re eating it, and the Meyer lemon flavor is overwhelming in some of the bites. Additionally, for some reason the cold really obscures the masa/corny flavor of the crust.
  2. I think it might actually be better with less Meyer. However, I’m going to let it warm up and try again. I’m concerned that the lemon flavor is really ‘maturing’ into the custard.

I did some searching as I’ve been wondering exactly what this is. Is it a pie? Is it a quiche? Is it a custard pie? Is it a tart? Bottom line, it’s a custard, although since it’s made with crema and not cream I’m not quite sure it can be called a quiche – it’s definitely quiche-like. I don’t think it’s a tart, because some definitions I’ve seen make a tart in a shallow pan (a tart pan, after all, is pretty shallow – shallower than a pie pan). However, the Food Lover’s Companion leaves it wide open – specifying that a quiche is made only with a custard and a savoury filling in a pastry crust that 1-1.5 inches deep – and is not topped off. The same book defines a tart as a pastry crust with shallow sides, a ‘filling’ and no top. So, according to that defintion a quiche AND a pie are potentially BOTH tarts!


The literature seems to offer me no respite. In my opinion, this custard simply isn’t ‘eggy’ enough to be a quiche. The use of a soured cream also makes it slightly different from any quiche I’ve ever had (albeit I’m not a huge fan of quiche, so perhaps that’s my inexperienced palate talking).

Bottom line, I’m going with sour custard and cheese pie. I’ll call it cheese pie for short.

Click for cheesy goodness.


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