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DVRblogging Top Chef

Posted by beer_chris on 8-January-2009

Trying to do this as I watch. I love you WordPress for iPod.

Quickfire is the first time I am impressed by the creativity of the chefs. Maybe the first time we really see Arianne’s simplicity as weakness.

I love the quickfire judge. Keep on picking at them. He’s gonna have his own show? Kewl.

Hooray! Two of these losers going home.

Oooh. Stefan creates stress in the kitchen? Nice.

I’m with Jamie – Daikon and tomato sauce? I’m hating you less lady.

If I hear one more time how ‘I make this all the time’ or ‘I do this at my restaurant’ I’m going to puke. Isn’t this supposed to be about creativity?

At least Carla is trying to to something creative. Crazy as Eugene may be, at least he’s trying to do something original too.

Serve time for group A
Tuna tacos? Sux.

Ugh. Judge your competitors. SUCKS!
So one loser in each group. That’s the only fair way.

I like new judge!!!! WMD reference on Radikah’s soup.

Ouch. Fish tacos taste like cat food? Sheesh. Anthony Bourdain should be so kind.

C’mon Arianne, cauliflower purée AGAIN? Get creative.

They love the Arianne. Ugh.

Regardless, this is easily the best ep of the season.

PAUSE-beer time.

Nice – chefs sitting & drinking beer after dogging one another.

Melissa and Eugene going home! That’s my guess pre judges table.

On top: Stefan, Jamie, Arianne. Winner (my pick is Jamie-I bet they pick Stefan)

Hooray for Jamie! Who’da thought I’d be cheering for her a few weeks ago.

Melissa Eugene & Carla at bottom. I’m sticking with Melissa & Eugene, but Carla failed really badly on all fronts in the quickfire and the elimination.

Uh oh. Melissa saying she should stay just because she should – again. Carla – ‘If you take my scallops off it’s perfect’ – What?

Tom is bummed out because Eugeme mistreated ingredients – well said.

I’m switching. Carla & Melissa are going home.

Judges table + Christmas ale = good.

One – Melissa
Two – Eugene – I’m kinda surprised.

Still best episode of the season. Cleaning out the chaff. Sucks for those two, but this is what was needed. Maybe this season can have some hope. I think Eugene was the last self taught chef on the show. The chefs were way more creative in the quickfire I think.


One Response to “DVRblogging Top Chef”

  1. Ricky said

    I had to hold off reading this blog entry until I finished watching the episode. Easily the best one of the bunch, indeed, but that’s because the whole season suxors so far. That said, yeah. fish tacos looked blech. Eugene had the right idea, but deep frying a whole fish is a tough tough thing to do. I wouldn’t have chosen red snapper for his treatment. And daikon? Really?

    Is it just me, or doe they have American Idol envy? New judge will no doubt be compared to Simon Cowell.

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