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Quick thoughts on Bedford/Glass Wall

Posted by beer_chris on 11-January-2009

Had dinner with K and D on Friday at Glass Wall. Was really good. A few thoughts:

  • LOUD!
  • Appetizers a little fussy on presentation, but good.
  • Isidoro is a great waiter.
  • Potato chip crusted CFS is a good idea, and tastes about as good as the idea for the first half, but gets downright greasy by the time you make it through the whole thing. Jalapeno cream gravy is YUMMY!!!
  • Seared ahi tuna steaks that look like cocktail sandwiches rule. -and taste just as good.
  • Shouldn’t bartenders at least know what Sazerac ‘is’, even if they can’t make the cocktail? I would have taken the whiskey neat, even if no bitters/absinthe was avail.
  • Dublin Dr. Pepper, ice cream and rum = YUM!
  • Cryogenically frozen Zin grapes make an interesting counterpoint to ice wine.

Went for a drink at Bedford after dinner. What a beautiful restaurant:

  • PACKED! Still very popular.
  • Cool bar. But, WHY is it so hard to get a drink at Bedford? Bartender + 3 bar backs, 10 ppl in bar, none can get a drink <SHRUG>
  • Asked for a slightly dirty martini. Got the filthiest martini I’ve ever had. I couldn’t even finish it, and I like filthy martinis. This one had a ‘I just gulped some seawater’ kind of flavor.
  • Looks like the best thing to do is go for the chef’s table. Jaime heard someone in the bathroom say they had been at the table for two hours and hadn’t had entree yet, but Gadsby was looking inspring as he cooked for the approx 6 ppl sitting at the little chef’s table/bar. 
  • Bedford’s bathrooms are a delight. I really like the backlit sinks.

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