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Real-time tasting of Shiner 100

Posted by beer_chris on 19-January-2009

Finally picked up a sixer of Shiner 100 this weekend. I’ve got my first one poured (ironically, in a Diamond Bear pint glass) here in front of me. Nominally this is a dopplebock, but at a pretty low 6%. (BJCP guidelines are about 20% higher) Color is nice – red definitely dominant. Head retention about normal for other Shiner beers. No lace. Carbonation seems even, with bubbles continually releasing as I type. Crystal clear. No chill haze – filtered? Probably – everything but the hefe is filtered from the little brewery in Shiner.

Aroma is a little sweet, not noticing the heavy, malty notes from another example like Optimator.

Taste – my example is a little cold, but I’m noticing lots of pilsner malt, with the distinct crunchy, nutty flavor of munich as well. Although not surprising, this is more of these flavors then I’ve tasted in even the Helles. Little to no hop bitterness on the first taste, but notice some Saaz funkiness (the good, James Brown kind) in the finish. There’s a sweetness in the front of the sip that I can’t place. It’s not malty – perhaps a residual sugar? This seems typical of Shiner beers, come to think of it. I may do a comparative of 97 (black lager) when I’m done with this one. Carbonation is a little distracting. Aroma not improving. I’m getting the distinct slightly oxidized notes of pasteurization, which is not surprising. At the tour I went to back in October, I asked about this – the only beer not heat pasteurized is kegged Shiner and the Shiner Hefeweizen, which has a live yeast culture in the bottle. This is the ‘proof’ behind the taste difference of Shiner in the bottle and Shiner on draft (IMHO). However, these apple cider kind of flavors were not initially evident in the beer itself, but are getting moreso as the beer warms. Mouthfeel is heavy for Shiner beers, but a little thin compared to other Dopplebocks I’ve had. There’s not a lot of residual malty sweetness. I think the 97 is actually a sweeter beer. This tastes an awful lot like the 98 – Shiner Bavarian Amber Lager, which I was a big fan of.
Appearance is nice.

With the red color I expected more bread and cereal type flavors from an unmalted roasted barley component to be more evident, but I’m not detecting those save for some very late flavors (minutes after tasting) near the back of my tongue.

I keep smelling this beer and keep getting nothing! Strange.

This is a solid beer, a nice balance of the very normal straightforward european flavors – pils, munich malts, a german crystal that’s likely lending the red color without a lot of roastiness. No notes of fusels, or any real noticeable alcoholic warmth at all. This beer really tastes like a vienna style lager to me (see Negra Modelo). I would really like to try it on tap and see if some aroma is evident.


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