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Adventurous eating

Posted by beer_chris on 23-January-2009

I’m an adventurous eater, but there’s a difference between being willing to experiment with new flavors and foods and just eating things for sport. In general, I find that I can eat just about any type of western foods, but it takes me a longer time to gain an appreciation for eastern cuisines. It took me years to gain a taste for (much less a desire for) sushi, but I have always loved fresh seafood. I am most certainly not the type of person to eat random regional specialities like hakarl just because it’s extreme or something. Although I’ve often wondered just what defines ‘disgusting’. I don’t eat terrestrial insects, but I sure do like crabs and lobster. I’m not a fan of liver and blood-based foods, but I love foie gras. There are plenty of cultures that would never touch my beloved crusty, moldy, stinky cheeses, and some others that believe alcohol is evil. I used to hate pickled and cured fish – now these foods are among my favorites.

Ultimately, the human body is capable of processing and creating energy from such a wide variety of foodstuffs – it really is an amazing machine – and the human mind is equally capable of adapting and even finding pleasure in just about the same gamut of variety. I suppose I’m unique in my own tastes and preferences just like everybody else – but always willing to change them as I learn.

There may be no absolute standard for what’s ‘disgusting’ to eat – however, I certainly hope that if there is a uniform line in mankind about what is not ‘OK’ to use as sustenance, this crosses it:

The little girls had gone missing


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