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Dogfish Head Beer Dinner

Posted by beer_chris on 24-July-2010

This 5 course dinner + hors d’oeuvre dinner was held at Vic & Anthony’s in downtown Houston on Friday, 25-June 2010.

Hors d’oeuvre were served with 60 minute IPA. All service was in white wine stemware.

  • Tempura of Lobster w/Sweet Chili Dipping Sauce
  • Prime Beef Croustade w/Horseradish and crispy shallots

First course – East Coast Clams steamed in Aprihop w/Portuguese chorizo and melted leeks, served with grilled garlic crostini, served with Aprihop (Jaime’s favorite)

Second course – ‘Pulled’ duck w/white corn arepa, smoked tomato BBQ sauce, shaved radish and baby greens, served with Raison D’Etre and 2006 Raison D’Extra (Chris’ favorite – and favorite beer of the night was the 2006 Raison D’Extra for both C & J)

Third course – Coffee Crusted Prime New York Strip with roasted cippolini onions and pasilla chile mole, served with Palo Santo Marron

Fourth course – cheese plate served with 2010 Red and White and 2008 Red and White

Fifth course – Almond financier with brown butter ice cream and Texas peach compote (dish by Rebecca Masson – wqinner of ‘shroom throwdown), served with 2009 120 Minute IPA and 2007 120 Minute IPA


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