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Requirements for making hard apple cider

Posted by beer_chris on 7-November-2010

Apple cider – preservative (potassium sorbate) free, and 100% apple juice – check ingredients lists on the label. Also, an unfiltered cider is best.

Stock pot that has not been used to boil/make spicy foods
Optional – stainless steel or enameled core stock pot of sufficient size to hold entire volume of your cider.

Cooking thermometer that can register at least 150-200 degrees F
Optimal – floating dairy style thermometer

A container large enough to hold the pot and cooling water in an immersion bath (sink w/drain plug or bathtub)

Sufficient ice to fill container above ~halfway

No-rinse liquid disinfectant (Iodophor)
Optimal – no-rinse powdered cleanser (PBW or B-
Optimal – cleaning brush (bottle cleaning brush) for fermentation vessel

6 feet of food grade flexible plastic tubing, 3/8″ inside diameter.
Optimal – racking cane
Optimal – slip on tubing pinch valve
Optimal – filter doohickey for end of racking cane/tubing
Optimal – test flask
Optimal – floating hydrometer
Optimal – counter-pressure bottle filler

Vessel(s) of sufficient volume to contain all cider for fermentation (plastic bucket, glass carboy, container cider came packaged in)
Optimal – Additional spare vessel of similar size

Fermentation lock for each vessel used for fermentation

Drilled rubber stopper of appropriate size for each fermentation vessel

Cider yeast
Optimal – liquid cider yeast
Optimal – yeast nutrient

Sufficient quantity of brown returnable glass bottles to bottle all cider
Optimal – kegging system

Bottle caps w/oxygen absorbing lining


Corn sugar
Optimal – carb tab drops

If I’ve missed anything let me know.


One Response to “Requirements for making hard apple cider”

  1. BayouBrewer said

    No need to boil your cider if you purchased it pasteurized. Just use a sanitized funnel to put it into the carboy, add sugar if you want to fortify it, add yeast, and put an airlock on it. if you want something more Germanic, use some montrachet wine yeast instead of cider yeast (and definitely throw in a pound or two of sugar) for some nice apfelwein.

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