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Food Town – a love story

Posted by beer_chris on 24-July-2012

I love budget grocery stores.

There. I said it.

I own a home in the Clear Lake City area. I’m proud of my house and my neighborhood (as proud as one can be in the ‘burbs, I guess), but this area was missing something, food-wise. We had a Kroger Signature, and another giant Kroger, and an HEB with ‘Market’ in the name, and a fancy Randall’s that was one of the first that Safeway remodeled into the new ‘lifestyle’ layout.

That’s all fine and good – but I really didn’t feel like I had ‘my’ store until our new Food Town opened.

Food Town is a downmarket grocery. I think it’s part of the Gerland’s chain. It’s the kind of place that has a cell phone accessories vendor next to a ‘We Buy Gold’ counter in the front of the store. It isn’t fancy. It’s not a ‘lifestyle’ store … at least for the majority of suburban Clear Lake City.

Food Town in Clear Lake is in the space the original Randall’s out here vacated when they made the big transformation at the other store. It’s in the midst of probably the largest concentration of multifamily housing in the area. It’s, in a few words, kind of ghetto.

And I love it.

Why? Because they have some of the freshest food around, and no one knows (well, no one in the suburban housing just miles away – at least it seems like it)

The produce at Food Town is among the freshest in CLC. Prices are low, and selection is great. There is a dedicated south and east Asian section. Bitter melon is always on hand, and I’ve seen jackfruit as well (when in season). There’s an entire cold case of Latin-American style cheese, many made here in Houston, and 5 types of crema (at least); my favorite is Honduran, ’cause it’s so darned salty!. There is a  nice selection of meats from the big packers in the golden triangle area of Beaumont, Port Arthur and Orange, TX. Want to make your own boudin? No issues – the meat department sells all those cheap cuts you’ll pay extra for at the big stores or find only in the frozen case. Dairy has products from Houston’s own Oak Farms, and there’s a wall of Mexican sodas.

Unlike the ‘tortilleria’ at Kroger and the HEB down the road they don’t make their own … but unlike those stores you’ll easily find great corn tortillas. Food Town is the only outlet in Clear Lake I’ve found that carries multiple brands made in Houston

The beer selection isn’t the best – but they have the cheapest Saint Arnold Endeavour in the Bay Area – $4.99 for a bomber. I expect to see Karbach any day now.

You cannot always find everything – sometimes I have to make a stop over at Kroger for decent coffee or for a personal care product – but I shop at Food Town consistently … when I’m not shopping at the Fiesta on Edgebrook and I-45 (THEY HAVE A LIVE BLUE CRAB TANK Y’ALL!)


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