Blog of an aspiring foodie

All About Me

Howdy! I’m a native Houstonian and ‘IT guy’ who happens to love food, cooking, gardening and of course, beer. This little blog started out as a diary of sorts as I started exploring my love of cooking some years ago. I have ported it from platform to platform, eventually landing on WordPress because of its search features.

I post about all sorts of food related topics, and over the years the standard content of the blog has ranged. Some posts are general musings on food, others are restaurant reviews, there are some homebrewing adventures and straight out beer posts to boot. I like to post recipe experiments here as well, and use this as a sort of chronicle of different iterations on recipes I am trying to perfect

You’ll notice I don’t categorize pages, and most of my posts are just prose (i.e. no pictures). I use this primarily as an outlet for ideas and thoughts, although my Twitter stream is also a place where I do that. I do hope you like the content!


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